Wheelie Bins: Compliance Hell


I was listening to the sound of a wheelie bin being rolled home at about 6.30 this morning.

It’s akin to hell.

Not clear what hell is actually like, but I am pretty sure that people sit there naked, with no alcohol or MySky, being prodded by Satan’s javelin, having to endure eternity-scale time-frames of the sound of an empty wheelie bin rolling down an uneven surface.

For me it’s the sound of compliance.  Like a school bell, tax time, and the bird call on the National Programme, it’s the sound of


comply.  Comply, you tax-paying worker.  And pay rates on that.


Wheelie bins remind me that I am not truly free yet, from the capitalist paradigm of eat, create waste, then spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to hide or delete the waste.

Wheelie bins remind me that I am not green enough yet.

Wheelie bins remind me that I am hooked into the time frames of other people.

Wheelie bins remind me I am boring.

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  1. What it should remind you of is that, in general, things get better, at least we try and recycle *some* shit now, despite being trapped in a post-capitalist dystopian death spiral. That being said, if Auckland rates continue going up, we’ll all be heading back to the trees.

    • Yes, thought of you as I wrote this one. Thanks for putting me straight on the bloody fucking recycling. It’s just the futility of it all and the soul-crushing routine, but also the choices people make to just ‘quickly bring the bin back to the house as they walk past it at 4.30am’. I’m going to have to do one on ‘Archgola’ soon. Have you read the Capri clinic one?

      • I just read it now, I’m not actually familiar with that particular ad, but sounds much the same as the others I’ve seen for ‘Capri’. I just tend to dismiss the people in the ads as pikers who just couldn’t handle their piss, more the thing that gets me tipping out my Sherry are the cavalcade of ‘new study finds that more than one glass of Sherry a month double the chances of your head exploding!’ stories which seem to front the news, always of course, given in a fact-less, context free manner designed to induce maximum panic. I couldn’t imagine what you meant by the ad having an “Anthony Burgess” feel? Unless you’re referring to his colossal alcoholism.

        • Well, I felt a little like Alex, being exposed to shocking and negative imagery in an attempt to divert me away from indulging in that kind of enjoyable yet excessive behaviour ever again. So in a strange way, you don’t even need to attend the clinic. You can just watch the ads for the same effect.

  2. Ah! I see, you felt you were undergoing the ‘Ludovico Technique’, we watched that movie again about a month ago, I’d forgotten how unbelievably intense it is, no wonder people were flipping out when I was initially released.

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