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Dadbods are male bodies that have become out of shape owing to years of neglect due to having children, who restrict you from any form of diet or exercise.

Even your Saturday night knee-trembler won’t burn enough kilojoules to counter the effects of this look.

They are fleshy, like an over-boiled cabbage. If you pushed your finger into the flesh, it might stay for a while before rolling back slowly to its original shape.


For years now, the media has quenched our never-ending thirst for cellulite-addled female thighs and buttocks. Some magazines run specials each year. They ‘out’ the celeb with glee, giving us a glance of the real Elle or Jerry.

Now, zoom lenses are getting close ups of ‘dadbods’.

The odd singer, lounging in the South of France caught unawares with a man bun, a pair of Adidas slipons, their smartphone set to The Guardian and white puckery flesh from head to toe.

In New Zealand, they are the norm as dads and their bad bods, so pale they are almost blue, strut the beaches in funny Hallensteins boardies and sarongs. Sometimes they’ll throw on a Trilby for good measure to say

this shit’s on purpose. However, I am really hoping the hat will just make it all look like irony.


Dadbods are everywhere. They are strong with a large surface area.

Reveal unto me the dadbod.

Dancing with the Dadbods

The Dadbodchular


New Zealand’s Got Talented Dadbods

First Dadbods



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