Surreal landscapes: The Act Party Opening Address

Teletubbies 4

It screened last night.

In a Dali-esque landscape, Jamie Whyte and his wife Zainab stroll and muse.  Giraffes graze in the background.  A red trumpet nestles into the nearby hillock.  I’ve got one of those in my hillock.  Haven’t you?

No, you are not on bad acid.  This is the opening address for the 2014 General Election for the Act Party.

“We met in Belgium”, says Zainab, passing the camera.

We cut away to some musty Polaroids of Jamie’s illustrious past.  Cambridge (England, not Hamilton), philosophy, Doctorates, gowns and the world of ideas fill our screens, as do images of a hirsute Sting-like Whyte back in his heyday of mentoring; young minds being filled with ideas and notions about personal responsibility and a dream of a Utopia without state intervention and without burglaries.

At once we are in Whyte’s lair.  Several key tomes populate the book shelves.  Is that The Secret there?

Then the mean streets of Epsom.  Whyte introduces his candidate there, David Seymour.  In a split screen reminiscent of a Year 9 Social Studies project, a talking Whyte and a not-talking Seymour show us in one shot why we should vote for ACT:



And then the words come.

In a non-threatening font, the ACT design team execute a very powerful version of what is called ‘animated text’.

Words come and go.  Some of them are in fushia pink, to show Whyte’s sensitive, freaky and wacky side.  It reminds me of a three-idea word cloud.

Then to a pond.  The pond of truth.  The pond of the Yellow Tick for political reform.

Fullscreen capture 24082014 111733 a.m.

That is all.  Thank you ACT party for your opening address.



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