Why do women hate Miranda Kerr?


The camera loves me, he loves me and I love me.

Miranda Kerr.

She’s utterly beautiful, sexy, healthy and rich.  We women have a lot of exposure to a Miranda Kerr that men do not.

Oh yes, we get the full nudity and all that, but we also get the spin, the politics.  The bullshit.

Our Miranda is a mother, model, businesswoman (they all say that – I say self-employed), mogul and spokesperson of faux esoterica.

She is an Instagrammer, a Tweeter, a Facebooker, and tumblrer.  She controls her image down to the last hair.  She is a product endorser, a moneymaker and according to the Miranda Machine, a role model.

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Please tell me more.  Is it Miranda Kerr for Chanui Tea?

Kerr is a Kerr promoter and what looks good in this era is Everywoman.  Not much has changed since Shirley Conran’s Superwoman.

So with all of this positive role modelling and…ah…general modelling, why do we hate* Miranda Kerr?  Are we just jealous haters?  Well, yes, partly.  But actually it’s more complex than that.

Kerr is a divider.  She polarises opinion among women about modelling, motherhood and moneymaking.

One of the first times I got a sense that she was unpopular was the reaction to her first breastfeeding photo.

My breastfeeding is better than yours

My breastfeeding is better than yours

She’d obviously gone to weapons-grade styling mode to arrive at the final pose, which ensured correct colour, pattern and placement.  The baby is just divine but all attention is on Kerr, her red lips, slicked hair –  and it feels more like an opportunity for a partially exposed breast rather than the documenting of a bonding experience.

If memory serves me well, there was also some attempt at advice on the merits of breastfeeding and how wonderful she was at that already.  We know, and we know.

We don’t take well to self-aggrandizing talk at all.

Why don’t we hate Elle, Heidi and Naomi?  We don’t hate Jess Hart and we love Kate Moss.  Why?

These women aren’t trying to sell us a lie.  In their ordinary lives, they mess up, they drink, they rehab.   They smoke, they sometimes look terrible, they don’t vet questions before an interview.  They are bright women, not calculating women.  They’re models.  They flog clobber, war paint, calendars.  They are not fucking philosophers.

Not every move is pre-planned.  Not every word is designed to elicit a Pavlovian response.

We mistrust this trait in women.   It leads us to think that we are being sold a lie.

Because we are.

Also, come on, James Packer?  What about gorgeous, magnanimous, funny Orlando?  Slightly poorer Orlando, with just the 30 million in the bank?

Lucky Orlando.  He’s been dispatched as a resource and is now free to experience unscripted love and lust the way it was meant to be.


*hate is a powerful word.  Here at The Sane Companion we don’t endorse hatred.  But it sounded better in print than ‘dislike’.

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  1. I’m sorry, you are probably a nice everyday woman, but covering up your jealousy through pseudo-analysis isn’t working. Miranda is a shining example of someone who won the genetic lottery yet maintains her body with the same care as less-blessed everyday people. That combination pisses women like yourself off. Further, why should she not take pride in how she looks in that photo, red lipstick, good hair, right angle…isn’t that what the rest of us? Oh right, she is a supermodel that looks amazing even on on her off days, how dare she take the same kind of care to her appearance like the rest of us do!?? She is a person just like everyone else, always in the spotlight and runs a business. It is her imperative that she wants control as to how media protray her public personality. Even the models you mention do the same thing. It is called show business.

    • Miranda is a beautiful girl to be sure. My point was, that it’s the way she presents herself in the media. It’s a bit fabricated, if you compare it to someone like Kate Moss, who is also a beautiful girl, but doesn’t seem to need to spend so much time ensuring the right angles when off duty. Thanks, though, for even thinking I was indulging myself in pseudo-analysis! And thank you for taking the time to write feedback. 🙂

      • You”re welcome! I think the purpose of blogs is to exchange opinions and reach people other ppl you otherwise wouldn’t no!?
        Don’t be too flattered with my perception of your ‘pseudo-analysis.’ – it is my way of giving other women the benefit of the doubt, to see beyond their jealousy.

        When I put hints of your jealousy aside, however well you try to justify it, you do have a point with the level of control she takes with her publicity.
        But if you look at it this way, even amoung non-famous women, some women have more vanity than others. Im not the kind of girl that needs to have every strand of hair in place, but my friend is, and thats cool. She’s still a wonderful person, we just have slightly different approaches to self-image. I think Miranda is no different.
        Nobody is putting any pressure for you to have it all just because a celebrity does.
        The issue is, you want to have it all because you COMPARE yourself other women. That is the real issue here.
        I think women comparing and as a result secretly competing against other women is a real issue.

  2. What is wrong if woman portrays herself in a positive way. After reading your article about MIranda Kerr, I sense your hardcore jealousy. You seems to antagonize her, just because she portray herself as a role model. Woman like you will never able to understand about her trying to conceive other woman to be proud of themselves but not being arrogant. This is image that Miranda Kerr is portraying. You should stop being so critical about her and other models, posting this kind of article on the internet will make you any better. Give her break, she is a human being and it is her life of what is wants to do. You should start being judgmental about yourself. Your article stains with your jealousy and anger because you are not like her. Get a life!

    • I wholeheartedly disagree with you, but good on you for giving feedback. I’m not convinced by the advertising, is what I am saying. Are you convinced by the advertising? If you are, then you are helping Miranda live a wonderful and comfortable life. How’s your life? How does Miranda’s work as a ‘superwoman supermodel’ mean she is a role model? Thanks for reading my blog, come back again soon! Katherine.

  3. I am not helping her to live a wonderful and comfortable life. She earned to live that can kind life through her hard work and determination. You may have your own opinions about her, but that does not mean they are true. About the advertising stuffs, she is doing those, because some day her modeling career will over and she may not able to support herself and son, so that is the reason she joins with other industry, so that she can employ herself to earn a living. I doubt that she is trying to fake when promoting a product. It is her life so she can do anything she wants. Some women perceived her as a role model because they want to be a successful model like her and some are just inspired with her way in approaching with people. She encourage women to be confident with themselves and NOT comparing themselves to anyone. Why should we be so critical of the way she advertise, just because she always present herself as being so neat and beautiful. I understand that some people whether men or women do over-rate her and I disagree, because they think she is the only woman in this planet that can be so beautiful, there other women who are more beautiful or successful then her. I perceived her as a role model because of her eloquence, modesty and her healthy life style not because of her being a supermodel. I have seen and read about other models who do not really took good care about their image, but she does that because she is a celebrity and she has a number of contracts with other companies that she is modeling for and she have to maintain a her good image because the some people in the media will try to fabricate fake news about her that will ruin her image. I am impressed with the way she treats her fans and I don’t see she is lying or being pretentious. When you state about Kate Moss, who do not need to spend so much time ensuring the right angles when off duty, I disagree with that. When a celebrity is going to appear in the media, she needs to be presentable. She is not fabricating herself when appearing in the media, she just want to make sure that she does not look awkward and it is her decision of how she wants to present herself. Personality is very important when you are going to find a job, attending a ceremony or appearing on TV. I am not inspired to become a model at all, but all I want to be is a kind, humble, caring and eloquent woman like Miranda, but not a supermodel. I am not looking to become famous and rich. Miranda Kerr is a role model, she is not pushing women to become what she has accomplished in the model industry, but to adopt the values that she has. By the way, I am living in a very happy, joyful and peaceful life with my family. We are not so judgmental about other women’s deeds, you know why? Because all the people in this world are not perfect and sometimes they accidentally do small mistakes and we don’t have to be so serious about it, but to forgive them and let go. Not matter how much you are going to antagonize her by writing negative stuff about her. But there are some people who still be a fan of hers. I am truly sorry I have used harsh words in any of the comments that I have made. Miranda Kerr represents as an ideal woman, not in terms of her modeling career or celebrity or even her body shape, but the virtues she has. Deep down inside her heart, she is a generous woman. Women should stop for being so exaggerate in judging about female celebs, not all of them are fake, is just that we are not able to become like them, it does not mean that we have to look down upon ourselves. In fact, we can just ignore them and start to focus our well-being. You are welcome to disagree with my statements and I am open to it. EDITED

    • All very valid thoughts. But at the end of the day, the reason I wrote this blog post was not to criticize Miranda’s career and the way she lives her life. I had heard a lot of women talk about her in negative terms (nothing to do with looks, figure etc) and I wondered why she was not popular with quite a few women? It surprised me. I mean we all have choices to just not engage with celebs we don’t really rate, right? However, Miranda’s ‘superwoman perfection’ aspect is a problem for lots of women who also have children, careers, try their hardest to look their best and do all the other things a woman does during the course of a day. How DOES Miranda do all this and still look so perfect? I’d wager it’s the army of staff actually doing the hard yards for her, and this is really where I was coming from: that the “superwoman” act isn’t actually healthy role-modelling for women. We need to see reality, that we a) shouldn’t have to feel like we need to be everything and b) that if we wanted to be the best we could be, is this it? A push-up bra?

      So in summary, (and I said this in the post), Miranda is a beautiful girl to be sure, but the politics of Miranda does nothing for women, really. And people keep saying she is a role model — WHY? I am not getting that from her. Anyway cheers!

  4. You are not getting that from her, but that does not mean that all women in this world should not consider her a role model. You are right about women who are busy with their career will not have so much time looking pretty. We have to be realistic about it. You are right. But you are antagonizing her, she is just trying to be nice with people. If anyone ask her about how she takes care of herself, of course she has to answer. Its not the “superwoman perfection” is the problem for women, it is some women who are too busy compared to her, but they should not blame her. If you cannot commit to the regime that Miranda does practice, you should not blame her. You live in a different kind of life. I too could not adapt 100% of her beauty regime, but that does not mean that she is less of a role model. Her attitude/ behavior when approaching people and her posture can also be put into practice. You exhibiting your frustration to the world and saying that If you cannot achieve this so you can’t too. That is wrong. Now I wholeheartedly disagree with your statement. You talking about being realistic, but about being positive about yourself. That is what Miranda said: “find something that is positive about you and focus about that”. She has advice women “not to be any one else but yourself, because you are unique”. So tell me which of her advices does not work for women. You find that a lot of women talk negative terms about her, but other women talk positive terms about her. You tell me. Any women no matter how decent they are, there are some people will ill-talk about them. Look at Mother Theresa, there are many people, men or women still speaks negative about her and former Miss India, Aishwarya Rai, who does not speak bad about her. Furthermore, you wonder why she is not quite popular with quite few women, you better conduct thorough research about her popularity. Haters gonna hate I found her advice is so helpful and I will live with it throughout my life, regardless what you going to reply. There are some people that are going to hate a person who is more successful than them. You only see Miranda’s negative side, which is her failed marriage, he alleged affairs (which there is no evidence) and so on. Her alleged affair with James Packer is untrue, there are just friends. She said that she is currently single and wants to focus on her son well-being. She is not stupid to marry a much older man, she is rich enough to support herself and her son. These failures that she has been through does stop her for being a role model. By reading your comments, I feel think you are jealous, admit it and you are just expecting her downfall just to proof that you are right. I know by reading your comments pertaining to Miranda. Instead of excoriate her attempts to motivate people, we should give her some credits. As I said before, women do not need to follow exactly what she advices, at least learn some inner values she has and practice eating healthy food as possible, not being 100% inclined to her tips. Why do you still saying that it is unhealthy, of course some women are trying to be her but some are just following the advice they are able to follow. I am not expecting you to endorse her, but you need to stop spreading negativities among those who are endorsing her, its sickening. There is no solid evidence about her being a liar about her advices she gave to women. Instead of excoriate her attempts to motivate people, we should give her some credits, even how small her contributions are. I know you will still continue to disagree with her and still perceive her as an insignificant women who just being pretentious. Read Amanda’s comments and I agree what she commented, you on the other hand feel disappointed about yourself and want to write bad about other women just because you are not like them. I know about people like you and I have seen a lot of people like you. Carry on because I have given up debating with you. Good Luck. Hope you will put a full stop of your JEALOUSY.

  5. people keep saying she is a role model — WHY? I am not getting that from her. – The answer is you misunderstood her thoughts. She is not compelling you to pressure yourself to beautiful as her. She advice women that they are beautiful in their own ways. Her quote: “A rose cannot become a sunflower and a sunflower cannot become a rose”. Try to understand about it.

    • Miranda is selling product. She has diversified her business to encompass as many different products as will make her money as her career (based on her looks) will be short. So, at best, she’s been given some sensible business advice and is following it.

  6. There are several people spoke positively about Miranda Kerr which is not because of her looks, is because her humility and friendly attitude.

    • In interviews for magazines, she will not answer questions unless she has seen them prior to the interview. Speaks volumes.

  7. Thanks for this article. I agree with you. I used to like this Miranda Kerr person but I get the feeling that something is fishy.. I get this artificial vibe from her. All her actions and words seem premeditated.

  8. Great post. I think that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. 🙂
    That said, I really like Miranda. I think she’s an awesome role model. Why? She takes care of herself – be it lifestyle, image, how she portrays herself and shes a hussler. Some people like you think that she’s too perfect- very manufactured.
    I think that she’s just a very composed person, goal orientated, well- kept, conscious about her self image and how she portrays herself . What’s wrong with that. I’m sure she has her faults but she doesn’t air it out in public-I applaud her for that it takes effort for her ‘perfection’.
    And regarding her vetting the interview questions – So? If you have the power to do that- awesome. It means that she’s a very preplaned person a hard worker – she takes time to think before she speaks. ( I think when your in the media and have a kid you have to be conscious of how you compose yourself )
    Anyhow. That’s just my two cents.

    • I don’t really have a huge issue with anything to do with Miranda Kerr. I have an issue with women who market themselves as having it all, when they have an arsenal of paid help, unlike the average woman they are marketing to. I think she is beautiful and has a great sense of style, but that’s where the admiration ends.

  9. I can’t stand Miranda Kerr for all of the reasons you’ve mentioned. She won the genetic lottery and beyond that I find nothing to admire. I was breastfeeding when that pic first came out and do you know how it made me feel? Like shit. Which I think was the intention.

    • She’s great at modelling. But she doesn’t represent my idea of sisterhood and empowerment. Glad you liked it btw!

      • I agree with Jessica’s sentiments. Nobody to my knowledge actually “knows” Miranda Kerr personally… and negativity can be a reflection of one’s own insecurities (really, do you believe everything you see and read…) I think it’s naïve to believe her “image” of being an all-round superwoman to boot… is true and real. More like a product of “Brand Miranda”. A great churning machine urging you to buy numerous products if you aspire to be like her. But, these high profile/celebrities (for what talent I’m still unsure)…. have bucket-loads of time and money to devote to… themselves! This translates to nannies, stylists, personal trainers, personal chefs, boot-lickers… and so having the time and energy to devote to their brand. Don’t believe the hype they juggle commitments, but unlike us mere mortals they still look like a million bucks and had the best night’s sleep of their lives… because they’re just “lucky”. I think she must have the luxury of time on her hands, be able to pick and choose, if she can request and read interview questions… I would too if I could pay someone else to run the rest of my life…. I don’t have an issue with her.. rather I think beauty is an asset just like being able to throw a ball a long way (not PC these days)… but when these models reach celebrity status and expect the public to equate beauty with “Being Able To Do It Everything Better” then I know it’s just BS and we really shouldn’t buy into it. Some do.

        • PS I did have a laugh (sort of) at the childish inference that the SC is somehow jealous or envious of this celebrity-stranger. Surely that is an emotion you leave behind when you’re 19, 20? If not then your radar hasn’t expanded much. The point went flying past that MK’s image, what she represents, can be grating to some. Tiresome. Irritating even. If you find perfection personified to be your thing, fine. To busy people, Mums, contemplating the energy to be jealous of a stranger is laughable. Most of us have already accepted we’re unlikely to motor through Paris anytime soon in a sportscar with wind in our hair (even that sounds like a bit of work in the hair department afterwards.. there’s no escape, even in Paris). We’re settling for a Combi-van with windows which only open half-way. So…. jealous? Bahahaha.. have to laugh… (if I didn’t I’d cry at the stupidity)….

  10. After reading numerous articles about Miranda kerr, I finally realised she is pathetic, attention-seeking, shallow, money-hungry woman. I used to like her but now I am so disappointed. She manipulates the public with her beauty and seduction to gain publicity. Many people have told me that how do you know that she is such kind of woman? Do you personally know her? Well, observe her actions, same questions during her interviews. I remember there was an article where Miranda was attending some Louis Vuitton function where there other wealthy individuals do attend the function. During the occasion a model who organized a charity foundation for children, approached Miranda to appear in an instagram video to urge the public to donate some money to help to fund a heart surgery for a baby. The cost of the surgery is 21700$. The poor infant was in a poor condition and the parents could not afford the surgery. The highest bidder will be personally thanked by Miranda and he or she will be given free samples of her kora organics skincare line products. They however, managed to collect the fund. Now I find this weird, she has a net worth of 35 million dollars, so why can’t she just write a check. When she can spend her money to buy jewellery, handbags and renovating her house without hesitation, why can’t she help the parents to pay the cost of the surgery. The little child is a boy and she has a son. Assume if her son was suffering the same condition, she would have immediately spend her money to save her son. Why can’t she do same thing for this child. Last year she donate 100 thousand dollars to a Thai charity foundation in helping to built prosthetic legs for the afflicted elephants. 100 thousand dollars? The cost of the heart surgery is 21700$. See difference? She used the child’s condition as an opportunity to gain cheap publicity. She wants to show to the world that she is compassionate. She divorced Orlando bloom and from that onwards she has been linked to many billionaires and finally she established a relationship with Evan Spiegel who has chauvinistic views on women. She loves him because he is a billionaire. Many of them said she is a gold digger and I believe is true. She will do almost anything for money. For those who still believe that she is a down to earth, friendly and loving person, visit a website called kerrazy lies. You will know the truth about her. She is a schemer and now maybe she’s looking forward to have a baby anchor. As for Katherine, I am truly sorry of using harsh words to you. You are right about Miranda Kerr. She cannot be trusted. She always appear in interviews and pretend to be sweet. She claimed she is a Christian but there are pictures where and another model dressed as nuns but their breasts were exposed. The picture was vulgar and considered sacrilege to Christianity. Her kora organics by the way is way too expensive. She add unnecessary ingredients such as filtering through rose quartz to give the vibration of love, which is pretty foolish for someone to believe. I am glad that I have realized the truth about Miranda Kerr, she cannot be trusted and I am not jealous of her not at all. By seeing her boasting about her life, her boyfriend, her beauty and seeing her selling lies, I can see low she has become. There are other women who are less attractive or more attractive than her but they smart, sensible and wiser that this narcissist. Thank you once again Katherine for opening my eyes. You go girl.

  11. She maybe a role model to women when comes to health, fitness and beauty, but other than that she is just a woman who wants more money and fame. She is not entirely a moral person

  12. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “0”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “definate” in “comment_content” *]
    Katherine I agree with everything you have written. You are right that Hate is far too strong a word but dislike and disregard is definately where I am coming from. She has come out today with another handy hint for busy wives and mothers saying they should “put in a bit of effort when their partner comes home” – put on a dress and light the candles. What is this – the 1950s? Right then. So no shopping, cleaning, child run driving, checking in on aged parents, helping friends, volunteering, paying bills, working full time, putting petrol in the car for you then Miranda. Just a whole pile of ME time that allows you to factor in the return time for your partner and be prepared for his entrance like some Stepford Wife. Maybe its because you only see each other once a week with your touring business schedules. Maybe its also because of the army of people who do the cleaning, shopping, child care, driving and volunteering for you?! Live your life however you like it MK but shut up about giving advice. Just shut up. Being born with natural beauty does not give you the right to advice women about their relationships, values and priorities. Even Gwyneth Paltrow has a damn sense of humour. MK has zero – she is horribly earnest and earnestness is the death of all introspection and self understanding.

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