New Zealand’s Hottest Broadcasters II

Last year I wrote a heartfelt blog post about the weapons-grade heat being emitted by some of our broadcasters, be they television, radio or print media.

We’ve since had flag debates, housing debates, debates about what’s fit for tele, and currently we are having all-important rugby debates. How I love them.

But one thing remains assured, one thing that’s not up for debate: our talent pool is increasing.  While Toby, Wallace, Ali and The Cheese were no doubt bashful (and so grateful) about being nominated for these awards—now in their second stunning year—it’s time to lavish due attention on the new guard.

1. Peter Williams


Bedside table reading

Actually a bit gangster if you think about it. Survivor. A bit anti-establishment. Doesn’t react to shitty autocue text, and eye-rollingly bad news stories:

Aaaaaaaaaaand it’s a dog’s life in Waihi where canines are lapping up the good life, BUT is the tail wagging the dog? …

Has improved with age. One of the best in the business.


2.  Greg Boyed


Blue steel

Devastatingly, ridiculously good-looking. Funny. Good at news. Seems a good human, although it’s hard to tell by standing behind someone in the Countdown queue. Yes, that was me. Just the once. Not stalkery. Just buying a cabbage.

I imagine a good cook. Good at everything. A non-twatty version of the guy off the Perfect Italiano ad:

3. Daniel Faitaua

That hairline ain’t going nowhere


You could put your life in this guy’s hands. Hotter than he lets on. I imagine he’s very, very good at everything, such as helping ladies across the road and getting you a fluffy duck from the bar. Beautiful.

4. Jon Toogood



Technically, Jon’s a broadcaster now, right? With his smoking hot Hauraki show and undiminished stance on loud music, even as he ages, Jon is so hot right now. Give him his own tele show so we can marvel at his endless talent. Get him to read the news, the weather, the financial reports, everything.

And there you have it. The Gazzer awards are in the post. Here’s to our hot broadcasters.


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