Youi and Me-i


Youi will ACCEPT and Youi will LIKE your refund of $9.45

As if to fill the gaping hole left by the Chanui series, along comes a new campaign, this time for insurance.

I think the key reason this type of advertising, that ‘person-talks-to-you-through-the-television style’ grates people’s souls is that there seems to be so much earnest persuasion and advertising pull, for what seems to be very little return for the potential customer.

In the Chanui series, outright madness was used to peddle tea variants. It was as if the Chanui man was actually selling fresh souls. You needed and wanted them. But it was just tea! Or was it?

For insurance, surely one of the most excruciating services to purchase — since it involves lengthy phone discourse and a modicum of honestly about all your traffic infringements — it’s just basically the most asexual product there is. Tea, at least, has some warming properties, so even if you are using aliens to sell it, well.

Insurance is a different matter and Youi has tried to make it ‘accessible’, ‘easy’ and ‘logical’ by using strange eye contact and unusual devices with gigantic dials, reminiscent of an episode of The Avengers.

All the ads now need is a person strapped to a designer chair and the Youi guy to make them stare at a huge blue-and-red hypnosis dial, and get them to ACCEPT their saving of $32.47 for the year.

A range of gigantic face printouts line the studio like trapped souls as the Youi guy walks past each, listing their savings. Below, in fine print, other circumstances are described:

Drives a basic Toyota Corolla 1.5 (sewing machine engine). Garaged with Dobermans x4. Barbed wire. Owner has AKs to hand. Alarmed, even when driven.

The Youi guy, recently seen in Westside, is likely a fine actor who has been drawn into a crazy, well-paid web of hidden meanings and very small premiums.

Did Dan Brown write the script? I’m pretty sure it’s not all it’s saying it is.*

The roll neck and suit jacket have a suspicious Julian Assange feel, and I wonder if in fact, Youi can see into my living room.

Youi. Saving your soul.




*The ads are actually based on existing international versions, but that ruins my blog post so I am ignoring those facts.

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