Worst Movie Accents, ever


You will surely die by my hand

Just sat down to watch The Jackal.

I then took about half an hour to rack my brains as to who the Jackal’s nemesis was, and it turns out, it’s none other than Richard Gere with an Irish accent. What funnier way to spend an evening than listening to a guy absolutely butcher the Emerald Isle’s own lilt?

There are others too.

1.  Nicole Kidman





That’s normal

Any movie, ever, but especially Far and Away, starring then-boyfriend, Tom Cruise. I remember reading an amazing review of this film, where the reviewer (I can’t remember who it was) made comment about how bemused Native Indians stood by as Tom and Nicole disembarked their ship to the New World and proceeded to crash through the copse on horseback, oblivious, all the while fair shitting all over the Irish accent, with unrestrained abandon. Hilarious!


2. Sean Connery — The Hunt for Red October


There’s a lot wrong here.


Having. A. Laugh.  He was having a laugh.

3. Elle MacPherson — The Edge


I can’t read the little description thing nor do I want to.


Some weird transatlantic pastiche went on with Elle’s accent. Elle had to focus so hard on acting, and in fact, just walking in a straight line without crashing into the set, that the accent was an afterthought. A shocker.

4. The Guy at the end of Point Break



While I think parts of this movie might have been filmed in Sydney, the policeman at the end of the film who yells

We’ll get heeeem when he comes back eeeeen!

is one of cinema’s great method actors. I don’t think he’s a proper Australian. Nailed it!*

5. Drew Barrymore in Ever After


Bring the car round Parker


Drew can do anything it seems, or at least thinks she can, even the accent of a pome.  No you can’t, Drew, no you can’t.



This blog post is dedicated to the great Cliff Curtis, master of the ‘Middle Eastern’ and /or Spanish accent.

*did not nail it

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