Welcome to the Family Court: Sex Tapes




Here is a story that caught my eye this morning – not just because of the words Sex Tape but also Family Court.

She told the man about the sex tape and said she would show the man’s wife if he stopped the move in the Family Court.

The basis of this case is actually that the Mother is the centre of this, not the child, which is not what the Family Court desires.

The Court places the child at the centre of shared care and custody because in all cases the child does not have the choices an adult does and is therefore vulnerable.  It is also the parents’ duty to protect the child from their own selfish whims about relationships after divorce.  Notice the clause in the legislation that relates to this, below:

 a child should continue to have a relationship with both of his or her parents, and that a child’s relationship with his or her family group, whānau, hapū, or iwi should be preserved and strengthened.

I’d like to hear the mother’s side of the story but due to permanent name suppression, that’s unlikely.  The father though does not have name suppression.

She must have lured the father into sex (I know, I know, he’s got dirty dick ‘n’ honesty issues too) in order to record the session IN ORDER to use the contents of the recording so that he would not contest her moving away with the child through the Family Court.

Apart from the obvious blackmail approach, this amounts to the mother disregarding the role the father plays in the child’s life ongoing.  If the father-daughter relationship had been abusive or damaging, the normal channels via the Family Court would have exposed it since the children are allowed counsel with a lawyer, and of course courts use evidence in supporting claims of an abusive nature, as opposed to hearsay, perceptions and sometimes affidavits, which can be skewed.

So it’s clear that the imperative was for the mother to take the child for personal reasons, not because the child was in any sort of danger.

This sounds like another case of Parental Alienation – yes, it’s a thing – and the damage to the child is probably irreparable.

Nice one guys, nice one!


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