More Surreal Landscapes: UnitedFuture’s Music Video

Something even more unbelievable has happened.

It’s as if the town water supply has been eye-droppered with Peyote and UnitedFuture have taken a massive slug from the tap and made a music video to assist their election campaign for 2014.

Unlike the ACT Party opening address, which was filled with strange arabesques of meaning and alternative universes including Epsom, UnitedFuture keep it simple.  Using a no-fuss font and uncomplicated fade-in method, we are at once placed in a lush unpeopled landscape:


Just so you know.

Then the music.  Somewhere between The Corrs and the Eurovision Song Contest entry from Father Ted –  ‘My Lovely Horse’ – the song tells the story of a young lass who doesn’t care about the elections coming.  She just wants to hang out with her friends.  It’s beautifully sung, there’s no doubt about that.  But…

I’m already lost.  Is this reverse psychology?  You bet it is.  By the end of this song, you will not only be voting your arse off, you’ll be voting for UnitedFuture and begging them for some of that special water mentioned earlier.

We move through gorgeous images by a man called Boney Whitefoot, which is perfect.  I would not want him to be called anything else at this point.

And then:


That is all.  Thank you UnitedFuture for your contribution to musical history.


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