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“It is what it is, Javed. Accept the contract hours. Now swim through and rrrrrrrid me of mistakes”

It is what it is

In all instances, this is a ballsack of an excuse for a saying.

In this modern era of excuses, retractions, sidestepping and backpedalling, we need a one-size-fits-all statement of projection to push that nasty shit we pulled onto everyone else.

Don’t like that thing I did? It is what it is.

From the negotiating rooms at McDonald’s headquarters

We don’t make legislation, though, we just interpret it. It’s out of our hands. It is what it is.

to the Ask the Seller a question on Trade Me

It’s rolling stock, as I said. It has rusted through the floor pan. Yes, I still want $4000 for it, but it is what it is.

to the tugging of a ponytail by the country’s Prime Minister

It is what it is.

From the accounting firms of Haast

Seems Jock has been clawing back GST on the shed as home office instead of the portion of his house. Oh well, it is what it is.

to the log flume (again) of Rainbow’s End, loudhailerd at sunset:

Javed. Javed. Javed. Please swim through the log flume and clean the mistake. Yes! Little tourist toilet mistake. Quicker Javed. Zero hours … It is what it is.

To all the people who excuse the inexcusable, I say:



Next time on The Sane Companion, people who say “Going forward”.



  1. My neighbor has just procured a cute little dog, a couple of days ago, after said dog had been barking continuously for about half an hour (whilst he ignored it). I went around to talk to him, I explained that the missus and I work from home and that whilst we know the dog is going to bark from time to time, but it’s a little irritating when it goes on for so long and could he bear us in mind. His response…’it is what it is’. What a cock-jockey. This is now the second neighbor that I’ve realized is a complete prick…sigh.

      • I kept things civil, it’s the best thing with idiots. I’ll remember it when he needs my cooperation next. In better news, the lady on the other side made a cake for us, so they’re not all dorks.

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