The Sane Companion’s Guide to: Bucket Lists


A proper renegade

Jeep UK have established the ultimate mid-life crisis challenge, also known as a bucket list.

In this campaign, #RenegadesWanted, with the subtext “Cheat on Fear: Have an Affair with Your Dream”, it seems the heart of the campaign is for punters to take part in one of 10 challenges set up by successful people in that field. Parkour, anyone?

Obviously aimed at Wrangler drivers, who whoop whoop through the mean streets of leafy suburbs, living it large and driving like no-one’s watching, the campaign also encourages all-round shit behaviour from white middle-class people, in the form of a 39 point treatise of Euro-centric sociopathy, to accompany the challenge.

If you cruise on over to the website, (a bit of Wrangler-speak there) you’ll be confronted with images of white people leaping, rappelling, smiling (post Lumino treatments) and actually standing next to their ride. These are the modern Renegades. Reno Raines got nothing on these tough extreme-sports mercenaries.

The suggested list includes family-friendly activities like “Have an illicit affair” and “Travel into Space”. Why not “Own your own company”, or “Date a model”?

The striking thing about the list is that there is zero nobility in any of the suggestions. It’s encouraging white folk, already seriously lacking in an anchoring cultural base to be even more selfish and stupid than ever.

I do recommend that the Jeep drivers take part in number three on the list, however, “Dive with Sharks.”


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