The Ridges II


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It sounds like an advert for a hotel package experience in Queenstown.

Actually, it’s a pitch for a sequel to the widely panned yet watched The Ridges, starring Sally, Jaime, Boston and a special guest appearance from Matthew walking away from the camera at a top speed of 250 kms per hour.

Already you get the drift.

In a heavily unscripted but story-boarded plot, Sally and Jaime undertook the renovation of an old halfway house, which entailed Sally project-managing and becoming flustered on her iPhone, and Jaime picking her way through a substandard housing situation complete with a staged rat.  Ratty was probably a steam cleaned pedigree from Animates.

Not exactly the Osbournes ‘kooky’ and not exactly the Kardashians ‘nouveau-riche’.

With those shows, the wealth and luxe factor carry the show and the action is based around the entitlement and connections of the characters.  Sally has to work overtime to carry a show of that…ah…calibre.

I mean, it’s Auckland for a start.

I like Auckland.  It’s ok.  But maybe I don’t see the ‘town that never sleeps’ thing because I am living in the suburbs and use Countdown lightening products to home bleach my hair as opposed to Paul Huege de Serville.

I do not frequent SPQR and in some ways I do not want to.  I couldn’t afford the outfit to wear through the front entrance.

It must be a stressful life in that respect for Sally and Jaime.

Keeping up a facade of fame in order to keep up a lifestyle must keep you on edge, and now Sally has a large legal account to pay too.

So in that respect, she must need to manufacture scenarios around her life with her children, without her former husbands and in doing so appears nothing more than a woman who needs to pay her rent, rather than a high-flying local celebrity.

Manufactured stardom does not work in New Zealand.  We are an empirically cynical old bunch.

I feel like giving Sally a big hug and telling her it will all be ok, to quit the limelight and go open a cool little design store in the South Island thus extending her life by approximately 20 more years.



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