You can’t streak anymore because…



What are those? For I have never seen such wonders in these parts.

1. We need to protect the All Blacks.  Streakers pose a considerable threat to the safety of Key’s security phalanx.

2.  It’s televised live.  Some people are offended by nudity, but don’t mind a bit of private online pornography in the safety of their own home.

3.  It’s a weight issue.  It’s not fair to the rest of New Zealand women who struggle with diets if the streaker has a good body.  We need better representation of ALL shapes, for streaking.

4.  Who the hell does she think she is, getting all that attention.  She’s obviously trying to get her own reality show.  They all do.  They are all the same.  Look at Lisa Lewis [mutter mutter, Hamilton prostitute, mutter mutter, $1,000 per hour].

5.  I don’t want my man looking at nude women.  If I wanted my man to look at nude women, I’ll buy him his own copy of FHM thank you.  At least they have images of classy nude women.

6.  I hate to see Steve Hansen get so upset.  It’s not right.

7.  Stop smirking at the Press Conferences, Richie McCaw.

8.  What about all the male streakers who get fined!  It’s a disgrace and clear evidence that sexism is alive and well in New Zealand.

9.  It’s just turned rugby into a joke.  Our national sport!  Where’s the security?

10.  Only in the provinces.  I went to Napier once, and I can tell you down there they are different.  Let’s just say – a little loose in the morals department.



She’s clearly enjoying it, the Jezebel!

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