Purchased Entitlement II: The Clooney Nuptials


Not Specsavers

The coverage of George Clooney’s wedding is now available.

A while ago, I wrote a blog post about the Kardashian wedding between Kim and Kanye.

They, too, thought that turning up to historical locations with the propaganda machine would cement them as an intrinsic part of the history of that monument or locale.

All of the big egotists have done it.  Alexander the Great, with the Gordian Knot.  Mussolini tried to link Fascist Italy to Imperial Rome.  Kanye West walked through the Hall of Mirrors.  He got twice the mileage out of that one.  I’m surprised he didn’t try to arrange to have his marriage signed off in there as well.  Nervous laugh.

Clooney has an obvious love affair and affinity with things Italian.  This will be because of his Irish, German and English heritage, and the Lexington, Kentucky upbringing.  Perhaps also, his many appearances on The Facts of Life.  Wasn’t one of those girls Italian?  The motorcycle chick?

I realize that you can have an attraction to things that are outside of your cultural knowing.

I still can’t help thinking though, that we are being shown something about purchased entitlement.  Once upon a time, these people came from humble beginnings.  They worked their way up from relative poverty and, never again, are they going to experience lack.

Key does it when he is caddying for Obama.  You buy the level of success and propagandist coverage you crave.  The crazier the purchase, the bigger the delusion.

You can create a whole cult of personality around your rather plain self, and people buy it too, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Clooney has found ‘the one’.

Venice, not Lake Como.  Oh, and the fantastic and interesting Amal Alamuddin.

Congratulations, George Clooney.





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