Purchased Entitlement – A Lesson for all the Haters

I am struggling to see how Kanye West and Kim Kardashian justified having their wedding rehearsal dinner in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, with straight faces.

Ditto, having an Italian wedding and shunting locals out of the way left right and centre.


Ima get the Mall of Mirrors

I mean, who cares?  But since we do care, let’s talk about the notion of purchased entitlement.

I’m pretty sure Kim and Kanye think that money can somehow buy them a royal wedding.   But what religion are they?  No churches for them.  That rules out Westminster Abbey.  Being Americans might also rule that out.

So the next step is to reach reeeaaaaal deep and buy some serious architectural bling.  But where?  Kanye seems to want to make history somehow.  For anything at all.  So far it’s mainly being immortalised for drunken ranting at a teenage award event, so he’s got some work to do.

Best thing to do is hire one of them history consultant nerd things what knows about history.  Paris seems classy.  Let’s buy it!

There’s a big palace there.  Problem solved.  Let’s align our brand with the coming together of the Big Four after the First World War.  Yeah!  Our marriage is like a treaty between like, us, just like the Big Four.  Let’s impose sanctions on the haters.  Let’s sign the Diktat against our detractors and trollers!

Of course, the other association is opulence and rampant narcissism.  Louis XIV’s vanity project meant he could watch himself walk to chapel each morning.

And that is what we call ‘purchased entitlement’.  Obvious, shallow and highly visible.

Corporate boxes, games of golf with the President, hired celebrities – all purchased entitlement.

And if you point that out, you are just another hater!


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