Not one nasty word

This month, on The Sane Companion, its “Only Sweet Words” month.  There is so much hate in the world.  Why don’t we all just love each other?  Not David Koresh-style though.  I mean, more — let’s take armsful of all the negativity today, and make it all right with Only Sweet Words.  Here are some salient examples:

1.    Karen Price and her pretend Twitter account


Dave’s jacket: Sergio Giorgini

Everyone needs to pay their bills.  Stepping down from a highly-paid role as Leader of the Opposition means the Cunliffe-Price family might have to defer the purchase of the bees and goats until next year, depending on whether they are eligible for Working for Families now.  Price did what any self-respecting wife would do.  It’s like she took to Carmela Soprano-style methods to keep her husband where he belongs.  What a sweet, caring woman!


2.   Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” being near the top of the music charts


Posted without comment

Helpful advice from the 16 year old.  People are always hating on us, trolling on us.  Something like that, anyway.  Taylor is always helping me, spiritually, emotionally and sometimes physically.  I love her homance with her friends, including Lorde.  I love the whole thing, so much.  I love it when my daughter emulates Taylor Swift.

Fuck this, I can’t keep it up.

Tomorrow on The Sane Companion: thoughtful, loving vitriol, for all of your cynicism needs.



  1. What was she thinking. Obviously not thinking, more like white hot rage and a rush of blood to the head. As if he hasn’t had enough flack.

  2. The ‘funniest’ part is Cunliffle claiming he didn’t know about it, despite subscribing to the feed. It’s somewhat disturbing how quickly he throws his wife & staff under the bus, I’m sure he’s a lovely man really.

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