Nicky Hager defends Dirty Politics … again

So right now on RNZ, Kathryn Ryan is giving another balanced viewpoint about the timing, implication, validity and methods behind Dirty Politics. Cough.

What seems to have come out of the whole saga is that the Nats and supporters position New Zealand politics as inherently ‘dirty’.  We are supposed to accept this as a given and as part and parcel of a democracy.

What Hager seems to argue is that this destructive paradigm needs to be exposed, since it inevitably serves only a few rather than the nation as a whole.

I’m particularly enjoying (and have enjoyed) the continual focus upon how Hager was complicit in the invasion and publicizing of Cameron Slater’s private email and Facebook correspondence.

This is of course, illegal.  But what if we were to weigh up illegality versus exposition of corruption within our government?  What is more important to you?  Protecting a right to privacy, or ensuring the New Zealand public are properly informed about how systems are being exploited by well-paid Ministers within Cabinet — the same people who have power over you, right now?


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  1. Yes. Quite. When a journalist writes a book criticising the behaviour of a government and has his home raided by police officers it should get every New Zealander’s attention. Lord Melchett had it covered when he said “As private parts to the gods are we. They play with us for their sport.”

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