Man Buns


Argh the troobles, made bearable with a man bun


We all know what is meant by a man bun.  Every now and then, a confusing and polarizing fashion trend comes along and usually lands squarely on the face, arms, legs or some other body part of maledom.

This time it’s the man bun.

They were around circa 1991 at Soundgarden (Bad Motorfinger era) concerts, but the hair was much longer and the style didn’t really qualify as a bun.  It was more like a load of excess hair chucked into an old velveteen scrunchie and the overall feel was ‘devil may care’ rather than ‘Satanic attention to detail’ like that of the man bun.

Why do we have man buns?  It’s one of the great philosophical questions of our time, like,  “why do we have Seven Sharp?”

It must be answered.  My feeling is that like the hairy neck beard, it’s an acceptable form of rebellion.  Imagine a big accounting firm securing the services of a man bun-wearing Audit manager.

All the businesses being audited would start to think accountants were cool and anti-establishment, and they would instantly start to say things like “rad” and “this audit was the bomb” and they might all start to dance to festival-themed dance tracks in the breakout room.

With a man bun, you are tidy, self aware, a functional tax-paying human, not one of these bloody long haired drifters, probably on the wacky backy.

Mike Hosking will hate them to death and that is reason alone to grow yourself some Samsonite locks and to gel them daily into a tidy, yet rebellious man bun.



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