Magazine Round-Up: Angelina’s Facial Shame

Continuing on with this summer’s inadvertent series about women’s magazine reporting, I came across another strange article about Angelina Jolie, the time she went out on the town with cocaine all down the side of her face.

That’s right, you heard it here.  Little Miss Perfect, who never puts a foot wrong, looked very silly, because unbeknownst to her, she’d left the house without doing that crucial final mirror check and off she went to pose in front of the paps — with an enormous amount of charlie smeared right across her so-called perfect face.

OK, so that’s the basic subtext and tone of the stories that accompanied the image below.  There was barely-contained hatred being thrown at this woman.



Who is she?  She’s an American actress.  She works for the United Nations, part time.  That’s pretty cool.  She’s really pretty.

I decided to conduct some further research.  It turns out that there are types of loose powder that you use to set your foundation, and to prevent shine when you are under lights.  One type that is used is for flash photography.  It seems Ange’s makeup artist didn’t use that type this evening.

In world of problems, this isn’t one of them.  However, these magazines have some sway over the way we perceive each other as women.  The fact that this image appeared at least 5 times across various magazines, shows a few things:

a)  we don’t have a lot on at the moment

b)  we look to tear happy, confident women down, as soon as there is a small flaw

c)  the sisterhood is dead

Let’s not turn on each other, sisters.  Sometimes, a huge line of white powder on a face is not nose candy, it’s the wrong type of loose powder. See below.



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