Is John Key Sexist?


You’ve heard how John Key referred to Kim Dotcom as Laila Harré’s  ‘Sugar Daddy’.

It’s also a song by the Jackson 5:


The whole world’s talkin’ ’bout
How I’m your Standby Santa Claus


The suggestion of Sugar Daddy is usually that an older man is funding the material lifestyle of a younger woman in exchange for access to unrestricted sex.  The further implication is that the older man cannot obtain sex in any other manner than to purchase it.

To legitimize his need, he takes on a full-time and willing employee.  I mean, who wants to end up like Sting, sneaking around and getting caught out in brothels?  You’d be better off to have it all out in the open. As it were.

John Key, you’ve got it wrong again.  Kim Dotcom is 40 years old, making him younger than Harré by eight years.  In fact John, you would have been better to refer to Harré as a ‘cougar’ and Dotcom, a ‘badger’.  Please, if you are going to blurt out sexual stereotypes, make sure they are correct sexual stereotypes.

Is John Key sexist and offensive in what he said?

Yes, he is.

There are other ways to elucidate Key’s idea that Harré’s salary is paid by Dotcom.

The point that is being missed here is that Harré is a seasoned politician with a raft of experience in legislation, dealing with pundits, and making political statements that aren’t based on gender.

Women like me, we try to stay calm in the face of the grotesque area of dyed-in-the-wool sexism.  We try not to inflame, react, stress out, as often that is the exact reaction that is sought.  We try to carry on in such an environment in a way that shows we are not going to equalize comments like this with cheapness.

But for the PM to talk like this, publicly?

Unacceptable, John.

Retraction needed, even if you aren’t really sorry.




  1. Kim Dot Con is a supercilious, self serving narcissist and any comment that make his shonky arrangement with “seasoned politician with a raft of experience” look like the joke it is, gets a big tick from me. There was never the slightest suggestion that she was sucking on any part of his anatomy other than his bloated wallet, filled with ill gotten gains. Love your blogs 🙂

    • Yeah, but nah. That all may be true, but Key shouldn’t be saying such things. It’s wrong. Key should refrain from making any political allegiance look sexual. He’s the PM and needs to sort it out.
      How are you doing by the way 😉

  2. You’re right in so much as it’s a clumsily phrased piece of casual sexual innuendo that makes Key look like a twat. However, it does seem like somewhat of a sideshow compared to the wildfire of vulgar hypocrisy which has lead to the formation of Internet/Mana. Surly Kim’s rape joke ‘tweets’ are more deserving of your ire?

    • It’s about Key though. He’s the PM. What he said was inappropriate. I’m just waiting for his sexist comments about Christine Rankin. Let’s see – what’ll it be? I keep reading your sentences over and over – they are so bloody well put together it makes me sick. I don’t follow Dotcom’s Twitter – Jesus, rape joke tweets?

      • I was reading that organ of the international neo-liberal conspiracy (The Herald) when I saw this (, it gives a some background on Kim’s recent antics, it’s all good though, Hone can be a flagrant racist thug and Kim can tweet jokes about dead hookers and nobody bats an eyelid. I suppose on the positive side Internet/Mana does serve as a convenient rallying point for people who’s political ideas could only kindly be described as inchoate (sorry, reading some DH Lawrence, he uses that word about once a page). Bottom line, Key should know better, show some decorum, because all his comment has done is take the limelight off what a pack of self-serving opportunists Internet/Mana really are.

        • Yes I know. Dotcom and Key have lots in common I believe, which explains why they have Tourettes – they feel they have nothing to lose in this game. When it’s all over, they will go back to their respective careers – Key will fuck off overseas and Dotcom? Who cares, he will do whatever he wants because really, the opinion of the ordinary person means nothing to them.

          • You’re probably right about Key buggering off, but I don’t think Dot Com is going back to his ‘old career’, jail more likely. They do seem to share a contempt for others opinions, but what politician doesn’t?

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