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House prices beyond comprehension

Why does the Herald continue to report something that is not news?

Putin advancing on the Ukraine is news.

Come on.  Auckland (the usual focus of these articles) has always been expensive and will continue to be expensive while there is no such thing as capital gains tax, and while Auckland is seen as the hub of the job market.

Other things that are not news:

  • Heidi Klum’s underwear
  • One sole child who is allergic to nuts taking on the system through the courts
  • ASB-funded competitions that are actually native advertising
  • Commentary about why people take ‘selfies’*
  • Opinion columns that host bitch sessions about domesticity

But have a great Sunday…



* One day I am going to travel back to Renaissance Germany in my Delorean and ask Albrecht Dürer what he was playing at with all the ‘selfie’ portraits?  And I’ll get Sara Chatwin in for comment.  Winky smile.

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