Five Times the Director Never Said “Cut”


1. Costner, Dances with Wolves

Never saying cut. EVER!

2. Eastwood, The Eiger Sanction

I’m sure there’s a witty remark to be made here about a goddess on the mountain top; Venus was her name …

3.  Gibson, Braveheart

“I’m on a horse; the hair; I’m NEVER YELLING CUT!

4. Seagal, On Deadly Ground

I’ll never be opposite this greatness again, said Not Michael Caine. KEEP THEM ROLLING

5.  Affleck, Argo

Beardy seriousness. This is my moment. I’m not just A.J Frost!  ROLL. THEM. BEOTCHES.


3 thoughts on “Five Times the Director Never Said “Cut”

    1. I agree, we are going to watch it again this weekend. It’s the whole combination of art history professor (wtf?), Brenda Venus stripping off, and the Jonathon Hemlock thing. It’s too touche!

  1. Yeah, it’s all a little daft, but that is its beauty.
    Somebody should start a band called ‘The Jonathon Hemlock Experience’.

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