Extremely Extreme Sports Dad 2: The Massive Sequel


Let’s refresh: Extremely Extreme Sports Dad is the guy we meet on the school run.

We might see him before we hear him, but sometimes there’s a stealth, a creep-up on your casual scroll though your Twitter feed, while you try to cope with what’s ahead.

What’s ahead is getting your three children to the car in a straight line, without someone either falling into a ditch or dying from being bitten from a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier.

But Extremely Extreme Sports Dad sees no barrier to his day.

He’s up at an oblique time of day, like 3.67am or maybe 4.39.  He’s a disrupter.

Tarquin and Emerald are alongside him. They listen. On their way to school, they get a live Tedx talk

“So, tell those silly teachers to…huh huh…um back down on some of their curriculum-based statements. Who needs school!”

And he’s off. Having dropped the kids at school as part of his daycare programme, he’s off on an ironic ten-speed or a ute, he’s off and you can hear the engines roar.

Extremely Extreme Sports Dad has his own patented gel inserts.

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