The Worst Ad Fix-Up in New Zealand History


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Nothing has got chins wagging more than the perplexing and sometimes terrifying Earthwool ad.  If you want some background to this mistake, read this now.

If you haven’t clapped your eyes on this,  it’s probably too late.  It’s on at random times and channels like The Box.

The Box is a Sky Channel that plays back to back episodes of Survivor: Jeff Probst from 2001.  Stay away from it. You’ll die.

Because I was watching my recorded episode of Survivor:Thailand, I managed to freeze and examine  the Earthwool Ad. Something has changed.

They’ve corrected the badly spelled subtitles and uncovered the pixelation.  I’m not sure but I think  the people at Pink Batts got really dark on the Earthwool people referring to their product as ‘batts’.  In a world which we don’t belong, this is as important as air, I imagine.  Read more about the batts stoush, here.  So now the man character comes at the woman character with an unpixelated cylinder, to the terrible rock tune with one change.

Satan has been contracted to overdub the song with the word “Glasswool”.  Lean in little children and listen. Listen to this piece of phantasmagoria here:

Now, I don’t want to raise any conspiracy alarms, particularly at the moment, but what the actual fuck is going on here?

Whatever goes on in the world of batts isn’t as transparent as I thought.

I for one will stay in my Godly, uninsulated home clutching my religious icons.


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  1. Earth wool ads creep me out plus the fact that the name is misleading. I imagined it was an actual wool product which I though yep nice it’s natural so I guess that’s “earthy” and no fibreglass fibres etc, but alas it’s recycled glass so where does the earth or wool part come into it. Perhaps I was not getting the message in the ad, not sure I’m at fault though as who can concentrate on the product with that horrendous cheesy song playing. Perhaps chanui will pop in to the next ad and they can subliminally message me into buying both products.

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