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Funeral Insurance: What Will Become of the Little Children?

We’ve arrived. We all die, and when that happens, no one wants to be put out in a rubbish sack. Funeral plans ensure that will never happen … or do they? The baby boomers are aging, they are comfortably set up and they are spending the ’70s childrens’ inheritance on retirement villages, overseas holidays, investment properties, New Idea magazines, and… Read more »

How to Become a Troll

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I have an image in my head of a troll being a small, malevolent man with a white beard who lives under a bridge and leaps out at goats as they wander past, scaring them and generally vexing them at every turn. A modern troll looks different than that, but the same behaviour applies. Just visit any comments section or… Read more »

The Worst Ad In New Zealand History

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  And the gong goes to…the Chanui ad. I know I am about 6 months to a year behind here, but I was just sitting there tonight, watching the farce that is House Rules — you know, the one where the millionaire gentry are posing as first homeowners (cough) — and up it came. The guy from the Chanui ad. I’m… Read more »