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Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

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  Function rooms and ferries everywhere are being hastily booked out in anticipation of the upcoming silly season, says every office manager across the land. Ask them. But what if you miss out on your booking? Are you going to have to have the party at … the manager’s house? Erase that negative thinking. There are other options left: the… Read more »

Women Bully Too

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In my experience, women in workplaces bully worse than men, when they are bullying. I was thinking about this all week and came across a very useful idea, quoted below: My female bully lied and gossiped about me and others. She used all indirect tactics. I have seen men also use indirect bullying tactics, but they’re much less frequent, and… Read more »

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

Everyone has an opinion on teaching because they’ve all been taught by one, right? Everyone has a bad teacher story to tell, and a good teacher story. The bad teachers were the ones we didn’t get along with or they didn’t know enough. The good teachers took time for us or were funny. Teachers have the Teachers’ Council regulating them…. Read more »