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The Worst Ad Fix-Up in New Zealand History

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  Nothing has got chins wagging more than the perplexing and sometimes terrifying Earthwool ad.  If you want some background to this mistake, read this now. If you haven’t clapped your eyes on this,  it’s probably too late.  It’s on at random times and channels like The Box. The Box is a Sky Channel that plays back to back episodes of… Read more »

The Block New Zealand: Season Three

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  The Block is back, this time in Pt Chevalier, Auckland. I went out there the other day to MOTAT and then the McDonalds on the main drag.  Nice.  Different.  Not Meadowbank. I do feel for its residents though.  It’s going to be mighty busy from now on with aspirational Aucklanders jumping into their Boston Green 318i BMWs, blocking the… Read more »

The Good Morning Man Panel and PMS

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  This morning on the ground-breaking Good Morning show, the man panel careened into a place they found quite difficult to reverse out of:  women and premenstrual syndrome. Good on them for trying though. It’s a terrible area anyway, not only for the sufferers, but their poor partners who are rendered hopeless, sexless and lost for the sometimes 10-day stretch… Read more »

Big jugs

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I was watching some old SoHo today because I am white middle-class and I like to live a vicarious existence as a voyeur of 16-18SLV serials. It’s Sunday. I don’t have church.  I have SoHo and a George Clooney Nespresso. And a large pair of breasts. Wait, let me explain. Mad Men was cycling through a few seasons and I… Read more »