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The Great Food Race Final: Is that pate or parfait?

From crashing through some crop circles holding eggs, to riding a rickshaw, to spotty green suits, The Great Food Race final screened on TV3 tonight with some serious live television cringe issues. The format hit the skids in this 13th and final episode where contestants struggled not with the food task, not with the environment but with the under-planned and… Read more »

The James and Glynn Show: MasterChef Season 5 and The Great Facial Hair Display

The food reality TV shows are well underway for the year with MasterChef Couples on TVNZ and The Great Food Race on TV3. I’m recording both, and I’m hooked. MasterChef, I boldly claimed in a previous post, would not last the distance, but has because the creators have banged together a couples format;  some of the pairings obvious –  and… Read more »