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The Block Fashion Police

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  Just got back from the school disco, where I accompanied my daughter and stepson. It was great.  They had a ball, with the glo sticks, the sugar, the tooth decay and the nausea from listening to the music of Taylor Swift. Once I’d settled on the couch and ordered dinner, I tuned into The Block finale.  Everyone is dressed… Read more »

The Block: After The Love Has Gone…

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After all is said and done, what has happened on The Block NZ 2014 is no real surprise, given that a) it’s set in Auckland, b) it stars people from Auckland, and c) it thrives on the kind of festering cut-throat competition that exists in the modern era.  Of Auckland. Good old little Pt Chev eh?  Little old Pt Chev. … Read more »

MKR: Sudden Death of Food TV

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Sometimes I head up these blog posts about New Zealand reality television, and I get up from the computer and go to the bathroom and take a long hard cold look at myself in the mirror.  My inner monologue screams “Why do you waste precious life-hours watching this wasteland of crap?” There is no answer, for there is, no answer…. Read more »

The Block NZ – Knocked Around and Knocked Up

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In about July of this year, I did what bloggers sometimes do. I read an article in a newspaper (online, not even the paper version) and had a white, middle-class reaction to it. I then hopped on my blog and blogged up a story around it, having carried out none of my own research at all, and posted the blog…. Read more »

The Block New Zealand: Season Three

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  The Block is back, this time in Pt Chevalier, Auckland. I went out there the other day to MOTAT and then the McDonalds on the main drag.  Nice.  Different.  Not Meadowbank. I do feel for its residents though.  It’s going to be mighty busy from now on with aspirational Aucklanders jumping into their Boston Green 318i BMWs, blocking the… Read more »

The Block

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Just to unwind of an evening, I am staying abreast of the activities on The Block New Zealand, Series 2. I am not interested in renovations; I am not even interested in cleaning my house.  I am interested in people called “Loz and Tom”, “Andy and Pete” and “Someone and Koan”.  These people are apparently, representative of white middle New… Read more »