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The Dating Game: The Bachelor New Zealand Finale

I’ve sat through the second season of The Bachelor—like everyone else who has bothered to watch—with a sense of despondency, shame, bemusement and stupefaction. It’s nothing like the first series, with the strapping, amusing Art Green who—despite being some sort of MediaWorks plant (probably)—at least had an inner spark greater than a Bic lighter. Jordan is okay. At the end… Read more »

Reality TV Scenarios: The Cat Fight

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Why would we spend valuable time analyzing The Bachelor New Zealand at all? It seems that an inevitable outcome of manufactured television these days is manufactured conflict. Come on, now. Have you ever watched one of those seasons of Survivor where they all get along and cry when someone gets voted off the island? There’s a certain incongruence in that…. Read more »

Coming down again: Episode Two, The Bachelor NZ

Last night, Episode Two of The Bachelor of New Zealand screened, and didn’t we all cringe though another episode, and ask ourselves why we were doing this, what with so much other quality viewing to choose from on terrestrial television. Episode Two was like Coming Down Again, by the Stones. Now that we have met the girls (and the boy),… Read more »

Drunk in Love: The Bachelor 2015

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I am really feeling for the families of the TVNZ show, Our First Home, tonight. After the shit storm of X Factor (which it clashes with on several nights), I was thinking how such a show — one that is ostensibly quite asinine, family orientated and tedious — at least has warmth, unlike the pit-viper infested environment of the glittery… Read more »

The Bachelor New Zealand 2015

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  What we all need after the divisive election result — of The Block — is something to unify us as a nation. For me that is pretty much it.  Last year was so depressing, really, with the politics and all the other shit, and I am looking forward to some fresh perspectives, and lo!, MediaWorks TV have delivered the payload… Read more »