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Big jugs

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I was watching some old SoHo today because I am white middle-class and I like to live a vicarious existence as a voyeur of 16-18SLV serials. It’s Sunday. I don’t have church.  I have SoHo and a George Clooney Nespresso. And a large pair of breasts. Wait, let me explain. Mad Men was cycling through a few seasons and I… Read more »

Hi, my name is Brian. I don’t have Soho.

Scene:  A typical white middle class drink-up.  It’s late.  People are barefoot, sitting on the floor and starting to fancy each other. Christopher:  (pouring a large glass of Pinot) “So, has anyone been watching Game of Thrones”. Sandrine: (throws her head back and gasps) “Oh Fuck.  Yes.  It is juuuuuuuuuussssssssst amazing.” Thomas: (incredulous; brow furrowed) “But how do you feel… Read more »