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Is John Key Sexist?

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  You’ve heard how John Key referred to Kim Dotcom as Laila Harré’s  ‘Sugar Daddy’. It’s also a song by the Jackson 5:   The whole world’s talkin’ ’bout How I’m your Standby Santa Claus   The suggestion of Sugar Daddy is usually that an older man is funding the material lifestyle of a younger woman in exchange for access… Read more »

Feminism Gets Screwed: Pirate Fairy

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I took my six year old daughter to see Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy today.  Berkeley, Mission Bay.  Total for tickets and light snacks = $36.00.  And who says movies these days are expensive?  Cough. We had a lovely time.  She snuggled into me and munched on popcorn and sipped lemonade.  I snuggled into her and had 1.5 hours of… Read more »

Yes. We Women Too.

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Having just caught up on the #yesallwomen and #notallmen discussions, I’m interested to see that something ostensibly helpful announced by one of our male leaders has been turned into a joke. It’s election year of course, and politicians sometimes lose their minds in an effort to harness the undecided voter.  Maybe. Over at Whaleoil, Cameron Slater asked that Cunliffe also… Read more »

Julia and the Gentleman’s Club

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We’re a modern, progressive society here in New Zealand, right?   We like to think we’ve led the way with sexual equality and that the culture of sexism is something that we left back in 1960.  Right again? Wrong actually. Can a woman in 2014 work in her own business, wield her considerable intelligence and social competence and have proven results… Read more »