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Preloading for the World Cup

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A very wise woman on Twitter said in reply to something I Twote: @KStew70 It sounds like the pre-Ramadan stock-up by Middle Eastern expats….I need to head eastwards. — aluap (@kiwipaula) September 19, 2015 This is true. The context of our conversation was the beginning of the Rugby World Cup 2015, and the way rugby is tied to alcohol consumption…. Read more »

Richie McCaw: I am not an animal. I am a human being. Maybe.

The Mastercard people have a new addition to their series of advertisements featuring an overzealous, bald man-fan and a Pine-Tree-like Richie McCaw. McCaw is ever the silent, grunting-yet-compliant representative of New Zealand maledom.  He is juxtaposed with the human version of a party-bag bouncy ball, who cajoles him along into expressing even simple emotions like ‘joy’, ‘merriment’ and ‘gay abandonment’…. Read more »

You can’t streak anymore because…

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  1. We need to protect the All Blacks.  Streakers pose a considerable threat to the safety of Key’s security phalanx. 2.  It’s televised live.  Some people are offended by nudity, but don’t mind a bit of private online pornography in the safety of their own home. 3.  It’s a weight issue.  It’s not fair to the rest of New… Read more »

Match fixing: The End of Good, Fair and Honest.

  The other night while the kids were eating dinner in front of the 6pm news, the item about Cairns and Vincent was front and centre. My partner’s son has finished his first year of cricket.  He was very good and got selected to play reps.  He’s 10.  He spent a lot of summer talking about cricket, players; his idol… Read more »