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A Thousand Yards

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A Thousand Yards Between the blossom trees and along the straight, gravelled avenue the tall chimney rises. The polished steel is hot and deranges the stark slate of the blue sky beyond.   You took one thousand strokes on a hired exercise machine in the cold unlined garage, while outside your small shrubs grew up around you; your stare down… Read more »

Wicker Chair

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On Monday there was a wicker chair, its threads woven into the frame in a lacklustre taupe next to a rusted lamp stand. The shade askew and its plastic backing peeling.   On the Wednesday it rained and the soaked carpets spored black. The vans stooped and floated past the busted plastic chairs towards the power drill with its cut… Read more »

Love Your Work

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Love your work I bet John Key says it to his PA as he flings an important file on their desk at 4.58pm. I bet Kim Dotcom says it awkwardly I larve your verk! I can hear it coming from the small accounting firms of Haast, right through to the management room at Rainbow’s End, through the loudspeaker system at… Read more »