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Worst Christmas Movies

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  1.  Christmas With the Kranks Bollock-bad movie starring between-gig Tim Allen and Jamie-Lee Curtis.  Just awful.  You can’t get this 1 1/2 hours back in your life. However, if for some reason it’s all that there is on from the 100+ channels available, then here’s the basic plot: Tim Allen is a wacky old dad and Jamie-Lee; long-suffering mum. … Read more »

Judge Reinhold: Curse of the Hit Franchise

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So, anyone with half a brain will have watched Beverly Hills Cop III on Saturday night. Those were the days.  Good cop movies, with a decent slimy underbelly featuring a searingly hot Hollywood comic actor, and a few cameos from well-respected faces like Hector Elizondo, Bronson Pinchot and Joey Travolta, the gatekeeper of special secrets. It was a fantastic franchise,… Read more »

Hi, I’m Bond, James Bond. Let’s talk about feelings

  I was watching Skyfall the other night, mainly to cop a load of Javier Bardem, but I didn’t realize he was going to play a mutant “Silas” type figure, and it was all a bit of a turn-off. Daniel Craig did his usual gritted jaw thing, and had zero sense of humour — but looked excellent fighting international sociopaths in… Read more »

Feminism Gets Screwed: Pirate Fairy

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I took my six year old daughter to see Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy today.  Berkeley, Mission Bay.  Total for tickets and light snacks = $36.00.  And who says movies these days are expensive?  Cough. We had a lovely time.  She snuggled into me and munched on popcorn and sipped lemonade.  I snuggled into her and had 1.5 hours of… Read more »

A New Job for Julian Sands

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Do you remember Julian Sands? He’s that guy whose career went into a terminal nose dive immediately after Boxing Helena. That was a movie about a man who kidnaps and amputates the limbs from a real live woman.  You know, so she can’t run away. I don’t know about you but that kind of shenanigans makes a guy seem really… Read more »

Falling Down: I’ve had a really rare day.

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  I’ve recently been enjoying (and not enjoying) the movies of Michael Douglas. It started with a viewing of Basic Instinct (1992) which I had not seen before.  Ugh. It really is a terrible, terrible movie, reminding me a little of the Jackie Collins novels I used to read when I was in sixth form at Howick College during Geography. … Read more »

5 Movies You Shouldn’t See!

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I’m going to do something really careless and ill-researched now and review movies I will never watch just because of the title they have been given. Preamble Have you ever sat there and turned to the review section of a magazine only to see a still of Alec Baldwin and perhaps an Anna Kendrick type actress and thought: That is… Read more »