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Dear Kate Middleton

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  Dear Kate, Welcome to your second pregnancy.  You’re a professional now.  That first baby really is a trial by fire, and you being royal does not exempt you from the terrors and trials of motherhood. I’m not talking about the usual ‘mummy blog’ rantings.  I am talking about attitudes to you as a human, having a baby. Did you… Read more »

Why do women hate Miranda Kerr?

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Miranda Kerr. She’s utterly beautiful, sexy, healthy and rich.  We women have a lot of exposure to a Miranda Kerr that men do not. Oh yes, we get the full nudity and all that, but we also get the spin, the politics.  The bullshit. Our Miranda is a mother, model, businesswoman (they all say that – I say self-employed), mogul… Read more »

Yes. We Women Too.

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Having just caught up on the #yesallwomen and #notallmen discussions, I’m interested to see that something ostensibly helpful announced by one of our male leaders has been turned into a joke. It’s election year of course, and politicians sometimes lose their minds in an effort to harness the undecided voter.  Maybe. Over at Whaleoil, Cameron Slater asked that Cunliffe also… Read more »

The Sane Mother

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One of the things about this blog is that I never set out to discuss very domestic topics, like recycling rubbish, school lunches and in that mix, becoming a mother. But since it has happened to me – three times – how can I not? I’ve been resistant to it for so long. The reason is that there are so,… Read more »