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      No Comments on Boganism

Remember June and Steph, the ‘Bogan Besties’ of My Kitchen Rules? They were functional bogans.  They showed that bogans were no longer just bong-toting types with a penchant tyre fires and Corrosion of Conformity.  The friends were acceptable, taxpaying, school-run bogans, who probably shopped at Caroline Eve. I had bogan mates at school.  Maybe I was one too? In ’87,… Read more »

MKR: Sudden Death of Food TV

      No Comments on MKR: Sudden Death of Food TV

Sometimes I head up these blog posts about New Zealand reality television, and I get up from the computer and go to the bathroom and take a long hard cold look at myself in the mirror.  My inner monologue screams “Why do you waste precious life-hours watching this wasteland of crap?” There is no answer, for there is, no answer…. Read more »

The Aucklanders of MKRNZ: How cool is it to live on the Shore?

  In terms of great reality television quotes of Western Civilization, “How cool is it to live on the Shore” deserves a prize. Doesn’t it. Tonight on My Kitchen Rules New Zealand, the Corporate Dads, Aaron and Josh take helm at the galley, promising us ‘big flavours and big proteins’. Big proteins, saucy rubs.  Do these guys ever practise talking… Read more »