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Those who can, do. Those who can’t, bully

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A lot has been written around the workplace bully. One of the most prolific researchers was the late Tim Field who shared his findings here. He carried out fairly extensive research into how the bully operates in the workplace and it is quite an eye-opener. His premise is:  Those who can, do. Those who can’t, bully. In short, he asserted… Read more »

Worst Ad in New Zealand History II: The Capri Clinic People

Drinking, drugs, gambling. Dunhills. Once upon a time, a combination of the above was a regular night out in New Zealand, often starting at 2.30p.m. and ending at 2.30a.m.  Three days later. Now, we have recovery clinics for any number of ailments, including apparently, exhaustion, anxiety and a disorder called tiredness. It’s a minefield of mentalness.  But fear not, because… Read more »

Tom Cruise’s 5 Most Intoxicating Looks

Well he’s an easy target isn’t he.  Of course we all have a go at Tom Cruise.   Today’s blog is about celebrating the many (5) faces of this complex and other-worldly character.  Who hasn’t enjoyed a Cruise movie in their life? 1.   The Anal Probe We’ve all watched this scene from Jerry Maguire, the one with the precocious kid… Read more »

Falling Down: I’ve had a really rare day.

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  I’ve recently been enjoying (and not enjoying) the movies of Michael Douglas. It started with a viewing of Basic Instinct (1992) which I had not seen before.  Ugh. It really is a terrible, terrible movie, reminding me a little of the Jackie Collins novels I used to read when I was in sixth form at Howick College during Geography. … Read more »