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MasterChef New Zealand: Thus Spake Marco Pierre

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It’s episode 11 on season six of MasterChef New Zealand, and while at times it’s been a slog getting to this point, it seems that now the personalities of the judges are starting to evolve, finally. Ha ha. No, seriously, there are some spunky contestants, the spunky Lily, the spunky Hayley and the spunky Glenda balance out the drab but… Read more »

MasterChef: Season Six — where are the female judges?

On Sunday evening the latest iteration of MasterChef New Zealand screened over at its new home on TV3 with a refreshed cast of judges, and a clutch of red-faced, sweaty, desperate home cooks auditioning for the famed white apron, the Skoda, the book deal, and the chance to radicalize New Zealand cuisine; to perhaps reduce it to a final drop… Read more »


(or how Katherine grudgingly gave me space on her blog) Dear friends, brothers and sisters, and perhaps, if I can get away with it; comrades. I report back to you following my somewhat successful journey behind the silver curtain, I have seen the insides — and I can tell you without pretense, conceit, and though we may need to revisit… Read more »

Twitter Titter

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Are you on Twitter yet? No doubt you’re on Facebook – and no doubt you’ve somehow ended up on LinkedIn, even if you didn’t want to be.  LinkedIn is like “Hey Jude” at the end of an event.  You are subjected to it, even if you didn’t ask to be. My own mother, aged 72, has somehow ended up with… Read more »

The Final Curtain: Goodbye to Glames and The Great Food Race

Suddenly on reality food television, things have come to a grinding halt, for two very different reasons. Last Monday, Glynn and James were finally able to dispose of their MasterChef Crocs and mercifully avoid Skoda ownership whilst completing a Survivor Island cooking challenge. I was sad to see them go.  In a previous post I had mentioned that their stay… Read more »

Masterchef, Nu Zillund

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I was a bit under the weather yesterday, what with it being Sunday and wet, sick children and just generally in a conundrum from about 2.30pm so I watched the beginning of Series Three of Masterchef New Zealand, on TVNZ Heartland, the one where Chelsea wins the Skoda. Chelsea has gone great guns, and features on the cover of this… Read more »