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Trending: #dadbods

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Dadbods are male bodies that have become out of shape owing to years of neglect due to having children, who restrict you from any form of diet or exercise. Even your Saturday night knee-trembler won’t burn enough kilojoules to counter the effects of this look. They are fleshy, like an over-boiled cabbage. If you pushed your finger into the flesh,… Read more »

Location, location, location …

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Just before Coronation Street of a Friday is a show about home ownership, the current force/trend of western European history.  It’s no longer imperialism; it’s Location. In about 100 years’ time, there will be papers to take at university in modern history that will look very different to the papers I took, From the Treaty of Versailles to Pearl Harbour… Read more »

Man Buns

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  We all know what is meant by a man bun.  Every now and then, a confusing and polarizing fashion trend comes along and usually lands squarely on the face, arms, legs or some other body part of maledom. This time it’s the man bun. They were around circa 1991 at Soundgarden (Bad Motorfinger era) concerts, but the hair was… Read more »

NZ Fashion: T-Shirts for Men

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You decide to buy a T-shirt for your soul mate.  You want something awesome and contemporary, something that looks great with his high street jeans, loafers and leather jacket. Just walk around any festival, family-friendly picnic or school lantern festival and you will see the range of slogan tees available. SOUTH BEACH WHARF POLICE You are no more part of… Read more »

Beards: Hirsute Rebellion

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I’m noticing that even in television advertising, big beards are still making their mark —probably for the first time since the 1970s. In particular, in advertising, such the NZ Post ad, where that company swap out actual reliable postal deliveries for Charles Dance getting shorn by beardy, tattooed ex-First Dates contestants. In any case, they are fine beards, and it’s… Read more »