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New Zealand’s Hottest Broadcasters II

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Last year I wrote a heartfelt blog post about the weapons-grade heat being emitted by some of our broadcasters, be they television, radio or print media. We’ve since had flag debates, housing debates, debates about what’s fit for tele, and currently we are having all-important rugby debates. How I love them. But one thing remains assured, one thing that’s not… Read more »

History Hotties

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A couple of weeks ago, Sky TV sent me a kindly email offering me a free two-week subscription to one of a small selection of channels of my choice, on the proviso that they could then snatch it all away from me once the deal was over. I accepted.  I chose Arts, because I have had it before, but also… Read more »

Richie McCaw: I am not an animal. I am a human being. Maybe.

The Mastercard people have a new addition to their series of advertisements featuring an overzealous, bald man-fan and a Pine-Tree-like Richie McCaw. McCaw is ever the silent, grunting-yet-compliant representative of New Zealand maledom.  He is juxtaposed with the human version of a party-bag bouncy ball, who cajoles him along into expressing even simple emotions like ‘joy’, ‘merriment’ and ‘gay abandonment’…. Read more »

Affairs and cheating: Domestic Malaise?

Why do people have affairs? I have just finished watching a particularly disturbing series called The Tunnel and in amongst the terrorist-themed plot, the writers nest a requisite subplot about the main character – a really decent guy played by the incredibly sexy (sorry, AND talented) Stephen Dillane.  You can also see him as some kind of fur wearing contender… Read more »

New Zealand’s Hottest Male Broadcasters

Ok this title is pretty misleading, given that I never ran a poll. But who cares, because we all know this to be true:  New Zealand is rolling out some hot talent.  These guys sit behind microphones, in front of monitors and tap out some pretty dry material about David Cunliffe (yawn) on their keyboards, while being hot. We’ve a… Read more »