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Nicky Hager defends Dirty Politics … again

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So right now on RNZ, Kathryn Ryan is giving another balanced viewpoint about the timing, implication, validity and methods behind Dirty Politics. Cough. What seems to have come out of the whole saga is that the Nats and supporters position New Zealand politics as inherently ‘dirty’.  We are supposed to accept this as a given and as part and parcel… Read more »

Post-Election Comedown : Whatever happened to?

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It’s been 30 days since the Election.  What have some of the players been up to since then? Jamie Whyte I really began to rate this guy after the surreal escapade into the landscapes of destiny of their Opening Address video clip.  After the election, Jamie re-shot segments of this and turned it into a full-scale Ken Russell-style romp, starring… Read more »

The election is over, so…now what?

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As I sit here, like many other New Zealanders are tonight — watching the last train carriage of the election slide visibly off the tracks — I wonder what life will be like now the hoardings are down, and Prime Minister Key is smugly back in his Iron Throne for the next three years? It’s not as if you weren’t… Read more »

More Surreal Landscapes: UnitedFuture’s Music Video

Something even more unbelievable has happened. It’s as if the town water supply has been eye-droppered with Peyote and UnitedFuture have taken a massive slug from the tap and made a music video to assist their election campaign for 2014. Unlike the ACT Party opening address, which was filled with strange arabesques of meaning and alternative universes including Epsom, UnitedFuture… Read more »

Dirty Fashions: Election Edition

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Policy wars, first debates and USB sticks filled with grotesque secret emails aside, there’s something else awful happening in the political sphere this month. Fashion. Let’s cut to it: 1. Mike Hosking’s 3-Piece Suit, The First Leaders’ Debate, TVNZ1 Hosking was clearly wanting approval. The only reason you’d wear your best 3-piece on live television is if you thought you… Read more »

Surreal landscapes: The Act Party Opening Address

It screened last night. In a Dali-esque landscape, Jamie Whyte and his wife Zainab stroll and muse.  Giraffes graze in the background.  A red trumpet nestles into the nearby hillock.  I’ve got one of those in my hillock.  Haven’t you? No, you are not on bad acid.  This is the opening address for the 2014 General Election for the Act… Read more »