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Preloading for the World Cup

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A very wise woman on Twitter said in reply to something I Twote: @KStew70 It sounds like the pre-Ramadan stock-up by Middle Eastern expats….I need to head eastwards. — aluap (@kiwipaula) September 19, 2015 This is true. The context of our conversation was the beginning of the Rugby World Cup 2015, and the way rugby is tied to alcohol consumption…. Read more »

Rites of Passage Part II: University Bars

The natural follow-up to the post about school balls is the leap into tertiary study, still a teenager, so young and clueless. Not everyone takes the prescribed New Zealand ‘drink yourself into the bowels of hell’ route, but let’s be honest, a great number of us do, even just once or twice. Some of us never learned where the ‘off’… Read more »

New Year

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  In New Zealand, New Year’s Eve begins at midday on the 30th.  That was today. This is signaled by whoever has fronted with the keg. Once the keg had been tapped, it’s a bit like the opening ceremony of the Olympics, where they light the cauldron.  Faces of anticipation turn to fully-blown alcoholic wonderment as beer froths from the… Read more »

You Will Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties

  I’m no good at parties. I’m no good at them.  Times have changed since 1992 where I could just arrive, take the top off a Rheineck, shout out to people who weren’t even listening anyway, and immediately start dancing to Outshined by Soundgarden. At these gatherings, you could spend up to five hours not saying much at all to people… Read more »

Craft Beer and Craft Beards

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Once upon a time, I used to attend a Craft Fair in what was called the Cook Street Hall, Howick,  Auckland. They had small useless patches of felt covered with beading that you placed on your mantle piece.  They had doilies.  There were big bright jars filled with amber liquid and stuffed with yellow capsicums. There were carved driftwood Kiwi… Read more »

Mrs Dann’s Blog and high functioning alcoholics

I’ve just been reading Mrs D’s cool as blog about quitting wine. Back in about 2005 I read a book by Jean Kirkpatrick called Goodbye Hangovers, Hello Life.  Kirkpatrick was a woman who held a PhD, a vital and stimulating research job, she had a wide circle of friends, a relatively straight forward home life, she had accolades, awards, external… Read more »