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Bye Bye Big Jim Stewart

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My dad died a year ago, today. Bye Big Jim. Sheep shearer.  Policeman.  Security worker.  Lawn mower. Brother.  Husband.  Dad.  Uncle.  Grandad.  Neighbour.  Friend. Wine lover.  Music lover. Marathon runner.  HT license holder.  Barbeque builder. Painter.  Scale modeller.  Opera lover. Traveller.  Montezuma’s Revenge Victim. Grass cutter.  Hair comber.  John Wayne watcher.  Nigella watcher. Hilary lover.  Hilary keeper.  Hilary protector. Bye… Read more »

Modern Lament for the Dead

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  Death and grief is an incredible thing. Terrible is the word for the event itself.  Surreal for the days after.  Incredible for the period beyond that in realisation the person has gone forever. Nothing can prepare you for it, not even warnings it is imminent, correct prognoses or absolute certainty it will happen to all of us. In the… Read more »