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Coronation Street’s Deep Thinker: Tim Metcalfe

Tim Metcalfe is a hapless Englishman, stuck in the middle of others’ drama, in a suburb called Weatherfield. If you thought Steve MacDonald or Peter Barlow had fairly hard existences, think again. Windass Tim entered the show in 2013 as the birth father of Faye Windass, who is the adoptive daughter of Anna and Eddie Windass. Yes. Windass. Initially he… Read more »

Gail Force

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  Gail Platt is everywoman. Think you’re not like her?  You are.  All women are, or become her at some stage. Who is she? She’s an oversexed llama at first glance.  She falls in deep, and lusts with all her heart. She likes the bad boys.  The ones with money and power.  She is easily fooled by the mail-order correspondence… Read more »