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Big jugs

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I was watching some old SoHo today because I am white middle-class and I like to live a vicarious existence as a voyeur of 16-18SLV serials. It’s Sunday. I don’t have church.  I have SoHo and a George Clooney Nespresso. And a large pair of breasts. Wait, let me explain. Mad Men was cycling through a few seasons and I… Read more »

Match fixing: The End of Good, Fair and Honest.

  The other night while the kids were eating dinner in front of the 6pm news, the item about Cairns and Vincent was front and centre. My partner’s son has finished his first year of cricket.  He was very good and got selected to play reps.  He’s 10.  He spent a lot of summer talking about cricket, players; his idol… Read more »

The X Factor: A Quik n Ezy Guide to the Election

I am useless at politics really. I know about things like MMP, Oravida and Peter Dunne’s professorial thatch, but on the whole I am pretty undereducated in this department. Makes me perfect to write about it then, right? So, I thought I would revert to clueless mode (Note: there’s three settings on this blog: taking the piss out of movies,… Read more »