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Location, location, location …

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Just before Coronation Street of a Friday is a show about home ownership, the current force/trend of western European history.  It’s no longer imperialism; it’s Location. In about 100 years’ time, there will be papers to take at university in modern history that will look very different to the papers I took, From the Treaty of Versailles to Pearl Harbour… Read more »

Magazine Round-Up: Angelina’s Facial Shame

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Continuing on with this summer’s inadvertent series about women’s magazine reporting, I came across another strange article about Angelina Jolie, the time she went out on the town with cocaine all down the side of her face. That’s right, you heard it here.  Little Miss Perfect, who never puts a foot wrong, looked very silly, because unbeknownst to her, she’d… Read more »

Worst Christmas Movies

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  1.  Christmas With the Kranks Bollock-bad movie starring between-gig Tim Allen and Jamie-Lee Curtis.  Just awful.  You can’t get this 1 1/2 hours back in your life. However, if for some reason it’s all that there is on from the 100+ channels available, then here’s the basic plot: Tim Allen is a wacky old dad and Jamie-Lee; long-suffering mum. … Read more »

Madonna Feminism

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“Remembering that Madonna is a construct; a very talented chameleon who spends her life on the lookout for a weakness in the industry to exploit.” I am struggling to see how posing partially clothed is a form of female empowerment or — more seriously — a kind of feminism. Let’s remember that feminism as a movement was born out of… Read more »

Judge Reinhold: Curse of the Hit Franchise

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So, anyone with half a brain will have watched Beverly Hills Cop III on Saturday night. Those were the days.  Good cop movies, with a decent slimy underbelly featuring a searingly hot Hollywood comic actor, and a few cameos from well-respected faces like Hector Elizondo, Bronson Pinchot and Joey Travolta, the gatekeeper of special secrets. It was a fantastic franchise,… Read more »

Not one nasty word

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This month, on The Sane Companion, its “Only Sweet Words” month.  There is so much hate in the world.  Why don’t we all just love each other?  Not David Koresh-style though.  I mean, more — let’s take armsful of all the negativity today, and make it all right with Only Sweet Words.  Here are some salient examples: 1.    Karen Price and her pretend… Read more »

Purchased Entitlement II: The Clooney Nuptials

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The coverage of George Clooney’s wedding is now available. A while ago, I wrote a blog post about the Kardashian wedding between Kim and Kanye. They, too, thought that turning up to historical locations with the propaganda machine would cement them as an intrinsic part of the history of that monument or locale. All of the big egotists have done… Read more »

The Real New Zealand Wotif List

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The following were selected by the National-voting subscribers who took part in the Wotif survey, asking who they would most like to share an arm rest with on a plane. Richie McCaw John Key Rachel Hunter Peter Jackson Dan Carter Paul Henry I’m not sure if it was long-haul or short-haul. Long-haul is different, because aside from the arm rest, there… Read more »

Why do women hate Miranda Kerr?

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Miranda Kerr. She’s utterly beautiful, sexy, healthy and rich.  We women have a lot of exposure to a Miranda Kerr that men do not. Oh yes, we get the full nudity and all that, but we also get the spin, the politics.  The bullshit. Our Miranda is a mother, model, businesswoman (they all say that – I say self-employed), mogul… Read more »