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Worst Christmas Movies

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  1.  Christmas With the Kranks Bollock-bad movie starring between-gig Tim Allen and Jamie-Lee Curtis.  Just awful.  You can’t get this 1 1/2 hours back in your life. However, if for some reason it’s all that there is on from the 100+ channels available, then here’s the basic plot: Tim Allen is a wacky old dad and Jamie-Lee; long-suffering mum. … Read more »

Tom Cruise’s 5 Most Intoxicating Looks

Well he’s an easy target isn’t he.  Of course we all have a go at Tom Cruise.   Today’s blog is about celebrating the many (5) faces of this complex and other-worldly character.  Who hasn’t enjoyed a Cruise movie in their life? 1.   The Anal Probe We’ve all watched this scene from Jerry Maguire, the one with the precocious kid… Read more »

5 Movies You Shouldn’t See!

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I’m going to do something really careless and ill-researched now and review movies I will never watch just because of the title they have been given. Preamble Have you ever sat there and turned to the review section of a magazine only to see a still of Alec Baldwin and perhaps an Anna Kendrick type actress and thought: That is… Read more »