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Great New Zealand Archetypes: The Alfa Driver

  One time recently, I glanced over at our DVD collection of James Bond titles. I wondered, at what time in my life did I decide this was ok, to actually make a point of collecting James Bond movies, and to actually sit around having conversations about who did it best, and argue a case for Daniel Craig? The simple… Read more »

Great New Zealand Archetypes: The Used Car Salesman

I recently visited one of those great New Zealand institutions: the Greenlane car yard. This one was intimate and very close to the interchange. A small Gottage with a sliding door, an electric kettle and a clunky desktop computer formed the annex of this operation. It was raining. The water beaded off the cars, and the Greenlane roads roared with… Read more »

The Worst of Cars, the Best of cars

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Once upon a time, I was given a red Honda Accord automatic coupe with a rusty sunroof and not much else by way of mod cons. I named her ‘Rhonda’. I know it was free, I know I was between cars, but Rhonda was the worst car I ever drove.  It had a transmission problem which felt like when it… Read more »