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Will You Be My Valentine?

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  It’s Valentine’s Day on the weekend. And on the lists of New Zealand men: what they think women expect.  And sometimes get it so, so wrong. 1. Long-stemmed roses Hard to get.  The Warehouse does them. Expensive. Also bear in mind that it’s Saturday this year so you don’t need the big show of bouquets because no one is… Read more »

Rumble in the Car Park Jungle

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    I’ve had it with Auckland people and car park rumbling. Who knew that aside from a single bedroom apartment in Dannemora for $890,000, a car park could be such a precious piece of real estate? Let me set the scene: it’s 2.40pm.  It’s school run time. How I love it!  I always look forward to lugging two tired,… Read more »

The Biggest Mistake of My Life

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  What’s the biggest mistake you ever made? We try to avoid scenarios we might regret, but indeed regrettably, our fallibility and earnest pursuit of goodwill can leave us socially, emotionally and financially fucked. What’s your biggest mistake? Mine was an 8 year farce, known loosely as a relationship.  Don’t worry.  If you are reading this, it’s not you, I… Read more »

The Good Morning Man Panel and PMS

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  This morning on the ground-breaking Good Morning show, the man panel careened into a place they found quite difficult to reverse out of:  women and premenstrual syndrome. Good on them for trying though. It’s a terrible area anyway, not only for the sufferers, but their poor partners who are rendered hopeless, sexless and lost for the sometimes 10-day stretch… Read more »

Affairs and cheating: Domestic Malaise?

Why do people have affairs? I have just finished watching a particularly disturbing series called The Tunnel and in amongst the terrorist-themed plot, the writers nest a requisite subplot about the main character – a really decent guy played by the incredibly sexy (sorry, AND talented) Stephen Dillane.  You can also see him as some kind of fur wearing contender… Read more »

Mrs Dann’s Blog and high functioning alcoholics

I’ve just been reading Mrs D’s cool as blog about quitting wine. Back in about 2005 I read a book by Jean Kirkpatrick called Goodbye Hangovers, Hello Life.  Kirkpatrick was a woman who held a PhD, a vital and stimulating research job, she had a wide circle of friends, a relatively straight forward home life, she had accolades, awards, external… Read more »

Guy-vice. Advice from Guys.

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Guyvice. It’s a new word and hopefully it’ll be a new hashtag trend soon.Guyvice. Guy-vice. G-u-y-v-i-c-e.  It’s advice from guys. I’ve had so much great advice from guys and such a lot of harrowing shit from women’s magazines that I felt compelled to write both of them up, for the sake of humanity. Guyvice is short and to the point…. Read more »